Volunteer Levels

Volunteer Levels

Volunteers may choose their level of participation with the team. Expectations are defined for each level and volunteers are expected to commit to those expectations. The levels build on each other and expectations are added as you advance through the levels of the organization. Volunteers sign a code of conduct and a waiver of liability as a part of the original application process.

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Level One Volunteer

Initial Requirements:
1. complete on-line application
2. complete orientation (TTRT workshop)
3. complete basic training in 12 months (TTRT workshop)

Requirements to maintain status:
1. attend annually, 1 exercise and 1 training session (class room or on-line)
2. renew pet and human first aid training every 2 years

Status: Eligible to deploy with the Kansas State Animal Response Team as directed by the designated team leader.

Level Two Volunteer

Additional Requirement: Preference is 1 year of committee service to support planning, preparation and education efforts, exceptions can be made at the discretion of the committee chair to recommend eligibility to advance to level three before a full year of service.
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Updated Status: Eligible to move to level three

Level Three Volunteer

Additional Requirements:
1. Complete advanced training for a lead response role of your choice.
2. Manage a project assigned by committee chair and have at least 1 year of committee service.

Updated Status: Eligible to submit a bio to the nominations committee for consideration to fill an open board seat (level four). Nominations are accepted (if there is an opening) in October, voted on in December and service begins January 1. The first term is 4 years with an option to renew for a second 2 year term for a full service of 6 consecutive years after which a year off is required before a candidate can reapply for consideration of an open seat.

Level Four Volunteer

Additional Requirement: Serve on the Board of Directors and as a committee chair for 1 year.

Updated Status: Eligible to request the board for consideration to serve as an officer (level five). For the treasurers position, a CPA is preferred.

Level Five Volunteer

Added Responsibility: Serve as an executive officer on the board (President, Vice-president, Treasurer)