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Deployment Call Out TEST 03/31/2017

THIS IS A TEST!!!!!!  A tornado touched down in Smallville at 3:30am on March 31, 2017.   An assessment team has been sent in.  Animal response is on STANDY and if/when DEPLOYED, volunteers confirming availability will be contacted.   PLEASE COMPLETE the deployment availability survey below!!  This is a state-wide test and completing the survey confirms you received the TEST DEPLOYMENT call out communication either a text message and/or an email.    Further testing will be done over the next few weeks to help Regional teams understand how to manage this process within their own region and offer the ability to practice the new process.  Thank you for taking a few minutes to participate.  It is better to TEST BEFORE the disaster than during the disaster.   

Rubber stamp with text please confirm inside, vector illustration

An email went out Wednesday to all volunteers asking that you sign up for the text message process so in a disaster you can be immediately notified regardless of the time of day or night.  IF you did not receive the email instructions to set up texting, please check your spam folder OR CLICK HERE to get set up for texting!

NOTE:  IF THIS WAS A REAL SITUATION, you would only complete the questionnaire IF you were available for deployment.

To find posted updates on the progress of this TEST disaster go to the volunteer tools page and click on the deployments tab.   These updates are for animal response team volunteers ONLY, please do not share this information with the public.