Volunteer Tools

THANK YOU!!!  Your commitment to attending training sessions, supporting community events, working on projects and advocating for animal disaster preparedness is appreciated!  YOU are key to the success of animal response teams in Kansas!

These section of the website is designed to help animal response team volunteers stay informed, involved and prepared.  Below is a short video to help you navigate the website and find the tools that are provided to help YOU take care of your volunteer responsibilities:

Tutorial Video:  How To Navigate the website

 As a volunteer you are responsible for:

1.  Update MY Service Hours, Contact Information AND Volunteer Communications Options

When you update your service hours and contact information you are signing into your record within the Volgistics volunteer database.  This database is used to track animal response team volunteer information throughout the state of Kansas.  This database is used when requesting volunteers for deployment so your records must be current.

How To Update YOUR Service Hours and Contact Information (downloadable instructions)

How to Set Up up YOUR communications and RESPONSE NOTIFICATIONS (downloadable instructions)!


2.  Email My Training Certificate

To receive credit for training you must submit your training certificate to your database administrator (DBA).   This is the ONLY way your training records can be updated!  Please note in the subject of your email “animal response volunteer training certificates for YOUR NAME”.  This  helps identify your email as important and pertaining to animal response.  Please note that the North Central and North West regional teams do not currently have a leadership team in place.  If you are a volunteer in one of these two regions please reach out to administrator@kssart.org for questions and assistance.


KC Metro Region:  Janet Hackney
North East Region:  Rae Gutridge
South Central Region:  OPEN
South East Region:  Leann Moore
South West Region:  Glenna Walker

3. Check my training record for accuracy

If you have any questions contact your DBA using the email address list above.  This report is updated on the first of each month and shows all volunteers for the state of Kansas alphabetically by last name.  Be sure you confirm when you are due for your CE training and get scheduled for the spring Train Today Respond Tomorrow if you need it!

KS SART Volunteer Training Report as of Aug 2018

4. Train for Disaster Response (Level 1, Level 2, and advanced)


Train Today Respond Tomorrow – a weekend workshop to complete Level 1 and Level 2 training requirements in one weekend

Day 1:  ICS and NIMS, Pet, Human, Psych First Aid and Animal Response Orientation (CE for pet/human first aid courses – required every 2 years)
Day 2:  Animal Response Sheltering (*NEW requirement)
*current responder volunteers must complete this new requirement before 2020.

Advanced Training Requirements

Work at your own pace, reach out to your regional volunteer manager or your volunteer mentor if you have questions or need help and please remember to submit your course completion certificates to your regional database manager to updated your training record!

5.   Stay involved during non-disaster times too!  The PREPAREDNESS Component of the Team is vital!

There are two components to an Animal Response Team; 1. The Preparedness Component and 2. The Response Component.    The preparedness component provides a structure for projects, activities, meetings, training and general preparation tasks that are necessary to enable the team to successfully and safely respond.   ALL volunteers are strongly encouraged to make time to get involved in team preparations. Click on your region below to sign up for projects, tasks and activities that help your team prepare!  Your team needs your help.  Preparation is key to a successful response!  IF you are interested in participating in projects at state level click here.

KC Metro Region
North Central Region
North East Region
North West Region
South Central Region
South East Region
South West Region

Deployment Tips

  • Check the deployment tab above under volunteer tools, for updates on active deployments
  • Check your Go-Bag (click here  to download a list of  recommended items)
  • Fuel your vehicle and check the tires
  • Wear your animal response team uniform shirt and your  KDEM issued responder badge
  • Charge your cell phone
  • Check the batteries in your flashlight(s)
  • Fill your water jugs with fresh water
  • Remember to pack necessary medications
  • Remember to keep personal items on your person (ie car keys, wallet, cell phone).  Cargo pants or fanny packs are recommended.

*Volunteers must be trained & certified for disaster response (check the report above to confirm your training records are up-to-date  BEFORE the disaster)