Teamwork Concept

Committee Work

Education, planning and preparation are accomplished through committees. Those committees are chaired by the working board of directors. Volunteers are encouraged to join a committee or two.


II. Membership

  1. The Committee shall consist of:
    1. A committee chair from the Board of Directors
    2. The State Coordinator (contractor), A committee chair from the Board of Trustees
    3. A varied number of volunteers
  2. The committee members shall be recommended by the committee chair and approved by the board, striving to ensure committee members encompass a diverse geographical area of Kansas.
  3. Each member shall serve a maximum of a two year term.

IV. Meetings

  1. Minimally, monthly committee conference calls with additional discussions determined by the urgency of the issues at hand, on a schedule determined by the chair and members of the Committee.
  2. The Committee shall maintain minutes of the meeting and report regularly to the Board of Trustees.

V. Time Commitment

  1. Minimum meeting time estimated at 1 hour monthly in-person and/or as conference call. 
  2. Additional time estimated at 3-6 hours monthly on follow up tasks associated with the Committee.

Committees and Priorities

For details on a committee’s purpose and priorities or to sign up to serve, click on the committee name listed below.

Communications Committee
Documentation Committee
Equipment Committee
Events Committee
Fundraising Committee
Partnerships Committee
Sheltering Committee
Training Programs Committee
Vet Med Committee
Volunteer Support Committee