What is the Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas?Disaster response: save the puppies!

The Kansas State Animal Response Team (KS SART) is a non-profit organization developing and supporting regional teams of trained volunteer teams dedicated to providing temporary shelter and care for pets displaced by a disaster.  KS SART and affiliated regional animal response teams work together as the Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas.

The Kansas State Animal Response Team (KS SART) is a state board of directors, providing leadership and support for the State Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas.  Responsibilities include:

  • Development of guidelines for ART best practices
  • Provide resources, training and support
  • Provide coordination support for disaster response at the request of emergency management

The Regional Animal Response Teams are comprised of trained animal response volunteers serving as the deploy-able resource for the Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas.

Regional Teams provide a larger collaborative resource with more capacity and capabilities to respond in disasters as many disasters will be large enough to need regional response support.  The regional leadership team manages the preparedness component of the team including the roles of regional liaison,  and managers for volunteers and volunteer data, training, communications, outreach, and resources.  The leadership group coordinates regional team development and participates at the state level to assist in development of best practices, policies and procedures for the State Animal Response Team Coalition.  The regional leadership team exists to:

  • Provide consistency and structure to training resulting in a qualified and professional animal response presence in Kansas
  • Collaborate on development of volunteer management techniques, policies, procedures and protocols
  • Build a strong working team by training together and working on regional projects to benefit all involved
  • Provides a platform for reducing duplication of effort, resources and equipment (i.e. CAMETs)
  • Advocate and educate on community preparedness that includes pets

The response component of the team is organized following the Incident Command Structure (ICS).  Standard training is required for all responders.  Specific advanced training requirements exist based on the ICS command or general staff positions a volunteer wishes to peruse.

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Kansas Regional Disaster Response Map