Stay Informed on Developing Situations

There are so many great apps available to keep you informed at home and when you are traveling.  Here are just a few suggestions to help keep you aware of your surroundings:

Build Relationships With Other Organizations

It is key for animal response teams to interact with emergency management and other response organizations on a regular basis.  These opportunities to share ideas, get acquainted, and even train together during non-disaster times helps to develop that relationship and build trust.  In a disaster it is reassuring to know some of the people you are working alongside, know how their organization works and what they expect from your organization.  Take time to attend meetings, to ask to share training events, or  for input on team projects.  For example, if you need a brief disaster safety training session for your animal response team, the local fire department is definitely qualified and may be willing to provide that training.  It is an opportunity to perhaps receive free training and it brings the two organizations together before a disaster.