Shelter From The Storm – Pilot Workshop

Thanks to the Florida State Animal Response Coalition for bringing their shelter awareness course to Kansas, the Kansas Humane Society for sharing their amazing facility and to the Red Cross for assisting with funding to make this training possible!  What a great addition to the training program for animal response team volunteers in Kansas and thanks to the first 39 volunteers who traveled in from all over the state to participate.  These amazing volunteers represented the KC Metro, North East, South East, South West and South Central regions!  In July the train-the-trainer version of the sheltering course will be conducted and 23 of these amazing volunteers are returning to become instructors for this workshop.  This means the workshop can be made available annually at the regional level!  Beginning in 2017 level 2 -Shelter From The Storm workshop will be added to the training curriculum, which began with level 1 – Train Today Respond Tomorrow, for animal response volunteers.  A third level, Operation Animal Response, is being planned for late 2017-early 2018 again collaborating with the Florida State Animal Response Coalition.