North Central Regional Animal Response Team

This team is comprised of volunteers who reside in the 12 counties that form the north central region of Kansas, as defined by Homeland Security.  The north central regional animal response team is an affiliation of the Kansas State Animal Response Team Coalition.  The team works together on projects and training to build strength and resiliency, and enhance the animal response capabilities of the region.  Volunteers are encouraged to reach out within their county of residence to encourage others in their local community to get involved.  The team currently includes volunteers representing Clay, Lincoln, Mitchell, Saline, and Cloud counties.  Can you encourage volunteers from other counties to get involved?

Volunteers are the key to animal response and every volunteer makes a difference!  Volunteers can train for disaster response and respond in disaster situations.  Volunteers can also get involved in regional projects and public education.   Do you have skills in marketing or social media?  Do you enjoy developing plans or documenting procedures?  Are you a check-list kind of person?  If visiting with people is your strength then educating the community on disaster preparedness, hosting a booth at a local community event or even providing orientations to new volunteers might be of interest to you.  Bring your individual skills and strengths and find the role that enables you to make a difference for people and their pets in preparing for and transitioning through disasters.  Pets With A Plan Save Lives!

Regional and county leadership roles are important for communication, planning and coordination throughout the region.  A county liaison provides a voice at the regional table for their county and provides updates on regional animal response team activity back to their county.  Regional leadership is for volunteers willing to take the next step and help coordinate efforts across the region, working with the county liaisons so volunteers throughout the region stay informed and involved.  Regional leadership is needed for coordinating training, projects, volunteer management and funding.

Counties included:  Clay, Cloud, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Osborne, Ottawa, Republic, Saline, Smith

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