My PET Project Family Toolkit

Family Toolkit

Pets with a plan save lives!
My PET Project: Pets Evacuate Too!

Follow 3 simple steps to include your pet in your family’s disaster plan.

1. PACK a PET Go-Bag

Pack supplies for each pet in a water proof container and keep it with your family Go-Bag.

Download a Pet Go-Bag List
Download a Pet Data Sheet
Download a Pet Data App

2. EVACUATE with your PET

Identify a place where you and your pet can stay if you have to evacuate.

Many people refuse to evacuate without their pets, but if you plan ahead and find a place for you and your pet, you have tackled one of the greatest hurdles in your pet planning process.  A friend, family member or a local pet friendly hotel are all great options for temporary housing.   See A List of Pet Friendly Hotels

Find a buddy for your buddy.

If you can’t get home in time to evacuate with your pet, prearrange with a friend, neighbor or family member to evacuate your pets.

Ask your veterinarian if they have a disaster plan.  Ask for options if your pet needs medical care and your veterinarian is not available.

pets-700-b+w-dog-face-closeup-700x5103. TAG & ID your PET

Microchip your pet and update your information with the microchip company

Keep rabies and name tags on your pet’s collar and on your pet at all times

Keep an extra collar with name tag and an extra leash in your pet’s Go Bag

Stay Informed

CodeRED is a national public alert system that can deliver real-time emergency, community, missing person and severe weather alerts to users within the area of impact.   The alerts are initiated by public safety officials.  Not all areas use CodeRED, but you can download the application enter your address and if CodeRED is used in your area you can stay informed.  Click here to see more on the app and download to your mobile device or smart phone.

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