Additional Training
(for lead roles during disaster response)

The roles listed below are key animal response team lead roles during a disaster.  Volunteers interested in training for these positions should first complete all training requirements to be certified standard disaster responder.  If you choose to move forward with training for any of these roles please work with your regional volunteer coordinator and/or your regional training coordinator for guidance and assistance when preparing for these courses.  For details click on the links below.

Additional Training Requirements by Role


Lead Responder Job Descriptions by Role

Current qualifications and credentials approved through KDEM

Currently training is primarily focused on the key leadership roles including:  Shelter Manager, Veterinarian, Animal Tech, Safety Officer, Operations Officer, Logistics Officer, PIO,  Planning Officer, Team Leader, Volunteer Manager and Finance Officer.

Leadership Training Links

A certified standard disaster responder volunteer can update certification to respond in a lead role.  Below are links to some of the advanced training required.  Please check the job descriptions provided above to determine which role you are best suited for.  Also check the lead training requirements provided above to determine which additional courses are required for a specific role.  Not all of the courses listed below are required for every lead role.

Potential future roles include:  Animal Case Manager, Animal Control Specialist, Animal Handling Specialist, Search and Collection Specialist, Liaison Officer, EOC Specialist.  If you are interested in any of these roles please contact your regional liaison.