Who Should Attend?

Animal Response Team Volunteers – Active and New, Veterinarians and Vet Techs!

“Functional exercises not only test response capabilities, but also personal skills-sets and organizational functions”…Eric Thompson, Code 3 Associates

Animal response team volunteers it is time to get your hands dirty!  This workshop weekend is packed with a day of hands-on animal response skills training and then an exercise to put your training into practice. Active and new animal response team volunteers are encouraged to attend.  Not a volunteer?  Join the team and sign up for this amazing training opportunity!

Veterinarians and vet technicians this is your chance to get involved in animal response!  This opportunity will highlight the critical function only you can bring to animal response and provide you with a better understanding of what to expect.  After this weekend event, you will no doubt want to become an animal response team volunteer!

VOAD, CERT, and other interested response support groups this is a great time to exercise your resources, check out Crisis City and interact with animal response volunteers practicing communication and coordination ahead of a disaster.  Please reach out to the Unit Coordinator at administrator@kssart.org to get involved.

Emergency Management, Animal Control Officers and other response agencies can capitalize on this opportunity to learn about animal response capacity, resources and capabilities, meet animal response team volunteers and discover how you can incorporate the State Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas into your disaster procedures.

Local kennel clubs or other local animal groups this is a great time to learn about animal response by simulating the role of a disaster victim in need of help for their pets.

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Hosted by the
Ks State Animal Response Team and our partners at the Ks Division of Emergency Management at Crisis City

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Why attend?

Experience Animal Response!
Experience Crisis City! 

“We are excited to offer this first-ever hands-on weekend-long animal response exercise in Kansas”… Mary Prewitt, Ks State Animal Response Team President

It is time to “Let the Dogs Out at Crisis City”!

Crisis City is an amazing 156 acre response training facility operated by the Kansas Department of Emergency Management.  Since opening in 2009, response agencies from all over Kansas and other states have trained on this campus.  Some of the agencies include the Army, FBI, Secret Service and various state public safety agencies.   Don’t you want to be a part of the FIRST Kansas State Animal Response Team Coalition training exercise to be held at Crisis City?

It is time to “Get Involved and Make a Difference For Animals”!

Animal Response Team volunteers it is your day in the sun!  Saturday is focused on skill training for animal response team volunteers.  Local and national instructors who will roll up their sleeves and show you “how to do it”.  Get your hands dirty, bunk in the barracks or tent camp if you prefer, snack on an MRE and more.  Sunday is focused on simulating a disaster response and making it real, so dust off your PPE, pack your go-bag, brush up on your acronyms and plan to join in on what will undoubtedly be an amazing experience!

Veterinarians can collect CE hours in a fun way! Saturday training will focus on small and large animal triage, small and large animal disaster medicine, an exotic animal disaster medicine session and more.   Sunday morning is your opportunity to participate in an animal response exercise.  Live animals, equine and canine, will be a part of this weekend event. This unique CE training opportunity is being organized by Dr. Christen Skaer, founding member of the Ks State Animal Response Team and Dr. Neala Boyer of the K-State Veterinary Teaching Hospital along with help from Dr. Wesley Bissett, Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team, Dr. Sandy Wilson of the Sedgwick County Zoo and others. 

Supporters enhance the experience for animal response team volunteers!   Please consider sharing your experience and expertise to help enhance the educational experience for response volunteers through fulfillment of roles such as evaluators, players, observers or responders.  If your response agency, animal control agency, volunteer response organization (VOAD) or local kennel club is interested in participating please contact the Unit Coordinator at administrator@kssart.org!

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What to Expect?

Train! Practice! Connect!

Animal response volunteers AND veterinarians do you have a go-bag?  Is it ready?  You are going to need it!! Don’t forget to pack your sleeping bag, pillow and a towel because the barracks don’t have linens or room service!  Camping is an option too, but still no linens or room service! Train all day Saturday with hands-on training sessions.  Touch, feel, and execute the tasks! Here is a chance to perfect your skills or learn a few new ones.

Animal response volunteers AND veterinarians are you ready to put everything into practice on Sunday with a disaster response simulation?  A scenario will be presented, victims will arrive, volunteers will respond, media will arrive, challenges will be presented, evaluators will monitor, and observers can sit back and watch.   It is important to prepare and train, but flexibility, creativity and connections with others will get you through surprises that were not a part of your original plan!  Ultimately everyone should walk away with a better awareness, new connections and new or improved skills to make a positive difference when the next disaster strikes Kansas!  Having a unique and great weekend experience is a bonus!

Players please join in on Sunday for the exercise from 8am to noon.  Each player will be given scheduled time slots so animals are not kept in play for the full exercise time frame, 7:30am-10:00am or 10am-noon. Please contact the Unit Coordinator at administrator@kssart.org to get registered.

Emergency management, animal control officers and other response agencies please join in on Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm and/or Sunday 7:00am-3:00pm.   Please contact the Unit Coodinator at administrator@kssart.org to make arrangements.

CERT, VOAD or other response agencies are invited and encouraged to participate in the exercise on Sunday from 8am to noon to test their resources.  Please be sure to contact the Unit Coordinator at administrator@kssart.org to organize your groups participation.

Want to sponsor the workshop, please contact the Unit Coordinator at 316-200-5347!

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