Volunteer Tools

THANK YOU!!!  Your dedication to making time for training sessions, community events, helping with projects and advocating for animal disaster preparedness is appreciated!  YOU are key to the success of animal response teams in Kansas!  There are a few administrative tasks that you are also responsible for:

Maintaining Your Information – It is up to YOU!

1.  Update MY Service Hours and Contact Information

When you update your service ours and contact information you are signing into your record within the Volgistics volunteer database.  This database is used to track animal response team volunteer information throughout the state of Kansas.  This database is used when requesting volunteers for deployment so your records must be current.  Below are video tutorials and printed documentation on how to update your information.

Tutorial Video 1:  Updating Your Volunteer Contact Information

Tutorial Video 2:  Updating Your Volunteer Service Hours 

Printed documentation for Updating Volunteer Contact Information and Service Hours

2.  Email My Training Certificate

In order to receive credit for your training you must submit your training certificate to your database administrator (DBA).   This is the ONLY way your training records can be updated!

KC Metro Region:  Janet Hackney
North Central Region:  Ann Hogan
North East Region:  Rae Gutridge
North West Region:  Shannon Mongeau/Darlene Rose
South Central Region:  Janell Jessup
South East Region:  Leann Moore
South West Region:  Glenna Walker

3. Periodically check your training record for accuracy

If you have any questions contact your DBA using the email address list above.  This report is updated on the first of each month and shows all volunteers for the state of Kansas alphabetically by last name.


4. Check your regional team calendar for events, team rallies, training, meetings and project opportunities.  It is important to stay involved during non-disaster times to build a strong team.  Click on your region below to see what volunteer opportunities exist and get signed up to participate!  If your region does not have a link please contact your regional liaison!

KC Metro Region
North Central Region
North East Region
North West Region
South Central Region
South East Region
South West Region

Deployment Tips

Check the deployment section for updates on active deployments
Check your Go-Bag (click here for content recommendations)
Fuel your vehicle and check the tires
Wear your animal response team uniform shirt and your  KDEM issued responder badge
Charge your cell phone
Check the batteries in your flashlight(s)
Fill your water jugs with fresh water
Remember to pack necessary medications
Remember to keep personal items on your person (ie car keys, wallet, cell phone).  Cargo pants or fanny packs are recommended.
*Volunteers must be trained & certified for disaster response (check the report above to confirm your training records are up-to-date but please do this BEFORE the disaster)