What is the State Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas?Disaster response: save the puppies!

The Kansas State Animal Response Team (KS SART) is a non-profit organization developing and supporting locally trained volunteer teams dedicated to providing temporary shelter and care for pets displaced by a disaster.  KS SART and affiliated local animal response teams work together as the State Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas.

The Kansas State Animal Response Team (KS SART) is a state board of directors, providing leadership and support for the State Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas.  Responsibilities include:

  • Development of guidelines for ART best practices
  • Provide resources, training and support
  • Not a deployable resource but provides coordination support for disaster response at the request of emergency management

The Regional and County Animal Response Teams are groups of locally trained animal response volunteers serving as the deploy-able resource for the State Animal Response Team Coalition of Kansas.



Regional Teams provide a larger collaborative resource with more capacity and capabilities to respond in disasters as many disasters will be large enough to need regional response support.  The leadership team in a region could include the roles of regional liaison,  and coordinators for volunteers and volunteer data, training, communications, outreach, and disaster preparedness.  Additionally county liaisons are needed for all participating counties,.  The leadership group coordinates regional team development and participates at the state level to assist in development of best practices, policies and procedures for the State Animal Response Team Coalition.  The regional leadership team and county liaisons work together to:


  • Provide consistency and structure to training resulting in a qualified and professional animal response presence in Kansas
  • Collaborate on development of volunteer management techniques, policies, procedures and protocols
  • Build a strong working team by training together and working on regional projects to benefit all involved
  • Provides a platform for reducing duplication of effort, resources and equipment like the CAMETs

Kansas Regional Disaster Response MapThere are seven regional teams in Kansas defined by the Homeland Security Regional Map.  To find out more about a particular regional team or to contact someone on the regional leadership team click on the team name below.  County team information, if available, is also provided with the associated regional team’s information.

A County Animal Response Team (CART) is a subset of regional volunteers in a specific county within a region.  In larger populated counties these sub-groups may be robust or in less populated counties they may be a very small sub-group.

Regional/County Teams are responsible for:

  • Educating the public on animal disaster preparedness and response (often at the county level by the regional sub-group of CART volunteers)
  • Responding in disasters, when requested by Emergency Management, to provide temporary shelter and care for pets displaced by a disaster

Note that some disasters may be small enough a CART (if one exists) can respond and handle the need.  However, it is more likely the CART (if one exists) will coordinate the response of their affiliated regional animal response team for their county’s disaster.  Remember teams only deploy at the request of emergency management.