Regional Leadership Tools
(leading the training, preparation and planning before the disaster) 

The regional leadership team was implemented in 2016 to help share the responsibility of  managing and supporting a large regional area of volunteers in non-disaster related activities such as training, preparation, and planning.  Below are details on the regional leadership team structure, the seven regional teams and links for tools to assist the regional leadership team in their roles.  This page is under construction and eventually will offer links to tools to assist the entire regional leadership team.  Thank you for your patience.



Regional-leadership-team-job-summary-by-role (downloadable document)

Regional Liaison is responsible for:

  • Coordinates regional leadership team and regional board of directors
  • Participates in state-level planning
  • POC for region in disasters

Regional Liaison Tools

Regional Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Volunteer orientations, training paths/opportunities, support
  • CL support and POC for orientations, training paths/opportunities, preparedness tools
  • Badge and Uniform issue/tracking
  • Backup for RDM
  • Coordinate/manage volunteer deployment communications at request of RL w/assistance from RDM

Regional Volunteer Coordinator Tools (coming soon)

Regional Training Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Manage regional training programs (TTRT & SFTS)
  • Manage regional volunteer rallies (Jan-drill, April-T&B, July & Oct-Demos)

Regional Training Coordinator Tools

Regional Database Manager is responsible for:

  • Maintains volunteer records in state volunteer database
  • Assists RVC with volunteer stats and communications

Regional Database Administrator Tools

Regional Communications Coordinator (NEW) is responsible for:

  • Support project teams with promotion of activities when needed (invitations, posters, etc)
  • Media releases, social media management, calendar maintenance
  • Materials inventory (brochures, t-shirts, etc.)

Regional Communications Coordinator Tools (coming soon)

Regional Preparedness Coordinator (NEW) is responsible for:

  • CAMET inventory
  • Maintain SOGs and MOUs
  • Assist RTC with exercise/drill planning, execution and follow-up

Regional Preparedness Coordinator Tools (coming soon)

Regional Outreach Coordinator (NEW) is responsible for:

  • Manage/coordinate regional outreach activities
  • Support county outreach activities
  • Maintain presentation materials & regional educ materials distribution

Regional Outreach Coordinator Tools (coming soon)

County Liaison is responsible for (in their county of residence):

  • Volunteer orientations, training paths/opportunities w/RVC support
  • Community outreach w/ROC support
  • POC for county emergency manager

County Liaison Tools (coming soon)