Regional Leadership Tools

The regional leadership team was implemented in 2016 to help share the responsibility of  managing and supporting a large regional area of volunteers.  Below are details on the regional leadership team structure, the seven regional teams and links for tools to assist the regional leadership team in their roles. This page is under construction and eventually will offer links to tools to assist the full regional leadership team.  Thank you for your patience.

regional leadership team org chart

Regional Leadership Job Descriptions






Regional Liaison Tools

As the regional liaison (RL) your role is key to the success of bringing the regional leadership team together in an effort to build a strong regional animal response team. Below are tools for your use in fulfilling this role:

Regional Training Coordinator Tools

A key player on the regional leadership team responsible for coordinating state training programs in their region as well as managing additional region specific training for volunteers.

Regional Volunteer Coordinator Tools

Regional Database Administrator Tools

Responsible for the upkeep of the volunteer training records, assisting with communications when requested and assisting with coordination of call out when requested.