The Christen Skaer Animal Response Volunteer Leadership Award

dr. chris

Dr. Christen Skaer, KS SART President Emeritus

Awarded annually in recognition of the animal response team volunteer who has shown outstanding achievement, commitment, leadership and education in preparing people and their pets for a disaster, tireless dedication to strengthening animal response teams in Kansas, and/or their dedication responding after a disaster.”   

This award has been developed to inspire others to not only meet the challenge of being prepared themselves, but to educate others in their community to do the same.  Educating your community or responding in a time of crisis can save lives and help everyone more quickly return to a normal life.  Whether a natural or man made disaster, the number one reason people refuse to evacuate their homes during an emergency is that they do not want to leave their pet behind.  Pets with a plan can save lives!

Animal response team volunteers make the difference!   Thank you!


Award Recipients

jennifer burns

Jennifer Burns, SC Regional Team Liaison

2016 Recipient – Jennifer Burns

Jennifer is currently the South Central Regional Animal Response Team Liaison.  In 2016 Jennifer managed a regional project that brought a new pilot training program to Wichita, Train Today Respond Tomorrow.  She lead the project team to a very successful first attempt at recruiting and training new animal disaster responder volunteers, bringing in 42 NEW Volunteers to the South Central Region.  Jennifer didn’t stop there, she is participating as a part of the project team that is moving the program forward in 2017 for implementation in four of the seven regions in Kansas.  Click here for more information on Train Today Respond Tomorrow.  Jennifer is also an animal control officer in Newton, KS.  Thanks goes to Jennifer for all her hard work and dedication to animals as a volunteer and as a part of her job!




Janell Jessup (left) - 2015 Christen Skaer Leadership Award Recipient
Janell Jessup (left), Mary Prewitt 2016-17 KS SART President (right)



2015 Recipient – Janell Jessup

Janell is currently team leader for the Butler CART, an affiliate county team of the South Central Regional Animal Response Team.  Janell served over 788 volunteer hours between August 31, 2014 and September 1, 2015.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.