The Role of KS SART


The Kansas State Animal Response Team (KS SART) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the development of local animal disaster preparation and response.  Started as an initiative through the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association, KS SART builds and supports a unifying partnership between governmental, not-for-profit organizations, animal industry, and volunteers.  When local disaster response capacity is exhausted, KS SART assists in multi-agency disaster response coordination efforts throughout the state when activated by the Kansas Animal Health Department, Kansas Division of Emergency Management, or local Emergency Management.

The KS State Animal Response Team is not a deployable resource, but instead a governing board strategically comprised of representatives from local and state response and animal agencies to ensure a diversity of expertise guiding the development of local deployable animal response teams known as county animal response teams (CARTs) and regional animal response teams (RARTs).

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Partnerships Are Important

It is vital to the continuity of animal response teams in Kansas, to develop and maintain strong working relationships with other disaster response organizations. Emergency Management and Red Cross are two such key agency relationships.

Critical to the success of animal disaster response in Kansas, is a unified effort by all teams, county and regional, to accept and adhere to the operating guidelines put forth by KS SART. From the teams comprising the animal response team membership of KS SART to each individual volunteer on every county and regional team, this is a promise that must be made. These guidelines are designed to create a uniformly trained and professional resource that emergency management will trust and rely on during disaster response efforts in Kansas, regardless of which individual county or regional team is called upon. Every interaction made on behalf of an animal response team, positive or negative, is reflected across all teams in Kansas. Actions by teams and team volunteers must be made with the focus of the big picture, helping the people of Kansas and their pets through natural and man made disasters.



KS SART has been instrumental in developing the Kansas Veterinary Medical Reserve Corp (KVMRC). The KVMRC is a response group of veterinarians and veterinary technicians only, who train together to respond to animal medical needs following disaster. If you would like more information on the KVMRC, please contact us.