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To DVMs & the KsVMA


“I learned what NOT to do the hard way during a disaster in Western KS in 2007.  From there, we developed the KS State Animal Response Team so that we never again have to say that we weren’t prepared.  Yes, we’ll always have things that we could have done differently or better….but never again, will we say that we weren’t prepared.   I’m so proud of this team and each and every exercise leaves me energized and excited.”
–  Christen L. Skaer, […]

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July Update – 2016 KARE

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An Invitation to the 2016 Kansas Animal Response Exercise
Are you an animal response team volunteer or perhaps interested in becoming an animal response team volunteer ?  Are you a member of a VOAD interested in getting involved in this event?  Are you a veterinarian or a vet technician with the desire to help animals affected by disasters?  Perhaps you are a first responder and your agency would like to support this event?  If you answered YES to any of these questions […]