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  • Family and pet reunited after Oaklawn Tornado.

Grant Received 09/25/2016


WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – Sept 25, 2016

“Pet safety is human safety,” said Jeannette Livingston, Sedgwick County Animal Response Team Board Chair. “Folks will not evacuate or folks will go back before it’s safe to save their pets.”  Read more…

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Registration Opens for 2016 KARE

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Registration is OPEN!
“Functional exercises not only test response capabilities, but also personal skill-sets and organizational functions” – Eric Thompson, Code 3 Associates

Wow!  What amazing enthusiasm from volunteers excited about signing up for the 2016 Kansas Animal Response Exercise.  At 8am this morning phones began ringing, text messages popping up and emails coming in!  Don’t tell this more than ready and able group of volunteers to plan for something on a certain date unless you are ready for them at “o’dark thirty”!  Your […]